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Trail "Restoration"
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I would just like to thank whoever put in all the hard work to remove ALL those log pyramids at the trail. I was recently at the trail with my 5 year old when he came upon one of those log pyramids. He just looked at it with total disgust like someone had ruined the trail. I said “Watch this!” and breezed easily over it. He stood there with a look of total amazement across his face. Imagine if his face would have frozen like that. He’d be an outcast of society. So thanks for that, you save him a lot of future grief. And imagine if he were to actual set a goal to one day be able to ride over that log pyramid like his dad. Just setting him up for future disappointment! Goals…they will quickly crush a kid once he tries it once and can’t do it. Heaven forbid he tries it again until he can do it. He may even get hurt. Can’t be having that! So thanks again for saving me on that one. But I think that the Good Samaritan still has lots of work to do. My bike doesn’t have any shocks and the trail has a lot of roots too. This makes for a really bumpy uncomfortable ride. It would be really nice to take all those out and make the trail really smooth so everyone can ride it easily. But I was thinking that would be a lot of work. Probably need some heavy machinery. A bulldozer would probably be best. But while you have the bulldozer I was thinking some of those hills are kind of hard to climb. My bike, nor my son’s, has any gears and those hills kind of make our legs burn which really sucks. So if you could also level out the trail to make it nice and flat that would be pretty sweet too. And some of those curves out there are really sharp and unsafe. You can’t even see around them. So if you could widen all those out too again that would be great. And make sure you take the trees out near the trail. Do you know I actually ran into one once? It took two whole weeks for that scab to heal. What a nuisance! But even still there could be even more improvements. I’m thinking asphalt. If the trail were flat, smooth and wide with few curves we might as well pave it. I think that way it could be a lot safer and make for a really nice experience. Heck it would be nice for my 2 year to “mountain bike” on his tricycle out there. So again thank for cleaning up those log pyramids that some bozos must have thought it was a good idea to actually make the trail “challenging” but it was just a nuisance if you ask me. Imagine a mountain bike trail with challenging obstacles that some people may not be able to do, what planet are these bozos on. Do you know I went to the mountains recently and actually had to push my bike up a few hills. What were those guys thinking when they built those trails?

Also while I’m thinking of it, the group road rides could use some improving as well. Do you know that some of the guys ride really fast and really close together? I think this must stop. Too dangerous and someone could get hurt. Plus on Thursday night they go so fast in the front that not every one can keep up. I tried a few times but it’s just too hard and it was really painful. This is just unfair. I just find it too challenging and this is just unacceptable. If the person in the back can’t keep up then everyone must just slow down to their pace. It’s only fair.

Lastly, I also think it is unfair that when we have races that not everyone gets a trophy. Only the top three finishers get an award. Where’s the humanity in that. How can you expect to have future turnout if all the participants aren’t rewarded. Even my five year old knows if he competes he gets a trophy. Well I want my trophy too.


PS. I did find a box of tampons by one of the cut log pyramids. Let me know if they are yours and I’ll make sure they get back to their rightful owner.
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