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Weekly Group Rides


Eastern NC is lucky to have an active community-driven set of weekly rides. Below are the current regularly-schedule rides. EC Velo does not take responsibility for these events.

  • Evening rides depart at 6p as of 4/8/2024.

Start times:

Rides depart promptly! Regularly-scheduled weekly road rides occur ONLY during daylight time, i.e., from mid-March to early November. Weekly night mountain biking rides occur in the late fall through spring. The Greenville Bicycle Company FB page is the most up-to-date resource for ride statuses and start times.


Pace groups: Rides are generally categorized with the following letters to designate speed and drop policy:

A - 20-25+ mph average speed, drop ride (i.e. the group will not wait at turns or stop signs)

B - 18-20 mph average speed, may be drop or no-drop ride

C - 16-18 mph average speed, typically no-drop

D - 12-16 mph average speed, typically no-drop


Everyone is welcome! Please introduce yourself if you are new to the area, particularly if you are trying to join a no-drop group (A or B pace). It is your responsibility to have the route on your computer or phone and be self sufficient in terms of repairs/mechanicals, etc.


Riding in a group: Many groups in our are ride in a double paceline for efficiency and safety. If you are new (at all) to paceline riding please read Paceline Riding for some simple suggestions to keep you safe and fast! Alternately, this is a good video review of single-file paceline basics.


Monday Night Social Ride

Ride groups of all paces on some of the quietest roads north of the river

  • Starting location: Greenville Bicycle Company (802 Clark St, Greenville, NC 27834) [Google Maps link]
  • Pace: A to D, no-drop and the main group is a social pace, but faster groups may split off. This is a good ride if you are new to town, newer to cycling, or getting back into it!
  • Route: 23 mi, Strava route

Tuesday Westside

Supportive and friendly group ride that features wonderfully smooth roads and even a few hills

Tuesday Eastern Pines

One of the fastest group rides in town!

  • Starting location: Eastern Pines Church (3380 Portertown Rd, Greenville NC 27858)
  • Pace: A to C, depending on who comes, but all faster groups are drop rides.
  • Routes:
  • 30 mi - RWPGPS route
  • 40 mi - RWGPS route

Thursday Night GBC Ride

The original/classic; has been running for many years!

  • Starting location: Greenville Bicycle Company, 802 Clark St, Greenville, NC 27834 [Google Maps link]
  • Pace: A to C, faster groups are drop rides
  • Routes:
  • 25 mi - RWGPS route
  • 35 mi - RWGPS route

Saturday Caboose Ride

The friendliest and most supportive ride for beginners, seniors, socializers, recumbents, and those coming off of injuries. Runs all year except during especially inclement weather.

  • Social pace, no-drop, beginner-friendly (though some friendly competition might go down!). Join the FB group for the most up-to-date information.
  • Start time (different than other area rides!): 8AM
  • Starting location: Winterville Caboose, 217 Worthington St Winterville NC [Google maps link]
  • Pace: B to D, no-drop
  • Routes: Vary, with mileages adjusted for group experience levels. Longer rides at the end of the summer might go 25-35 mi.
  • You must wear a helmet; all bikes are acceptable except for urban/beach cruisers
  • Organizer: Tony Parker
Wildwood Park

MTB Night Rides

Charge those lights and experience the trails in a new way!

  • Winter 2023-24: 6 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at Wildwood Park (BPT currently closed). Note that night access to Wildwood Park is prohibited outside of this ride. Help us maintain our good relationship with the city!
  • Starting location: Tuesdays @ Wildwood Park [Google Maps link]; Thursdays @ Bicycle Post Trails [Google Maps link]
  • Pace: A to C, but the entire group typically regroups at major intersections
  • Lights required! We recommend having one on your bars and one on your helmet.
  • Wildwood route is 5 mi and easy to navigate. Route at BPT is 8 mi and usually runs CW; see the route on MTB Project.