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10-14 Brewery to Brewery Social Ride
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Back by demand.
I'll be leading the same route from Uptown to Duck-Rabbit and then back to Pitt St/Trollingwood this Saturday (11-18). Interested cyclists can show up at Uptown and be ready to roll out at 1:30 for a social ride to Farmville,take a break, and then roll back with plans to arrive before dark. Cyclists may wish to bring along lights just in case. Riders may also wish to take along their PassPorks for the Pitt Brew & Cue stamps.
We'll meet at the Uptown Brewery and ride out from there.
Dickinson After Dark is a street party that is in the works (so I have been told) where they are planning on closing the street between Trollingwood and Pitt St breweries.
So this ride would end there in case people wished to enjoy the events planned by the city for that evening, eat, drink, or meet people there after the ride.
Where are you meeting uptown? And what is Dickenson after dark ride?
While consumption of alcohol is not a requirement or even expectation of this social ride, I think it is time to have another social ride between Greenville and Farmville's breweries. Since "Dickinson After Dark" is planned for the evening of Saturday Oct 14th, I plan to lead a no-drop social ride from Uptown to Duck-Rabbit and then to Pitt St./Trollingwood that afternoon. So meet up at Uptown beforehand to socialize, roll out at 2pm, arrive at Duck-Rabbit and socialize for a while (45 mins or so) and ride back to Dickinson Ave. Helmets are required and a mind set to be sociable. I'd expect to people to be able to ride the 15 miles each way at about a 15mph pace or so but won't leave anyone behind. Others can keep a quicker pace if they wish or just join us for the socialization breaks at the breweries.
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