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Need a couple capable MTB riders to help at CCORS ...
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We could use two capable MTB riders to help at the CCORS race at the Bicycle Post Trail this Sunday:

1) Need a rider to ride behind the youth riders (1 lap) and make sure they all finish and clear the course before the adults race.  Approx time - 12-1:30pm.  If you want to race in the adult race and do a slow lap before you race then this should fit in your schedule.

2) Need a rider to be out on the course with a walkie talkie just in case anyone needs some assistance, gets badly hurt, etc.  Approx time - 1-3pm.  Should know the trail decently well but does not have to be particularly fast etc.

If you are available and willing to help PLEASE let me know so that we can be sure the race goes off smoothly and safely.  Thank you!!

- Ryan (252-258-7569)
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