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Good Stocking Stuffers
Todd Barber
Hey Folks...

I ordered these red/white blinking/steady lights from ebay

And got them yesterday....they are the tiny round silicone type that you just pop onto your handlebar (white) and rear post with 4 flashing and steady mode LEDs. I was amazed that they shipped within a week and came with batteries installed and a pair is only $2.89 with shipping! I can't even buy a pair of those 2032 batteries for that price in Greenville. Anyway might make some great stocking stuffers for those trying to bike in the twilight zone of winter riding. Quality seems pretty good but I had to stretch the silicone pretty hard to get it on an over sized 34.9 post (it fits but might break the strap over time). Fits fine on smaller seat posts and non-aero handlebars.


Todd R Barber
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