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Trading Post/Tech/Repair

Anyone interested in a used Shimano Ultegra (6600)...
I recently upgraded the components on my road bike and am looking to
move the old stuff to a good home.

Shimano Ultegra (6600) 10 speed group:
- Used for about 6 years, some wear and tear but still completely functional
- Full Ultegra group except crank which is an FSA Gossamer compact crank
- Brake levers show significant corrosion which was common for this
model, but still completely functional
- I can include a lightly used 12-27 cassette (not ideal for
Greenville riding but good for the mountains)
- No chain or cable housings included
- New brake pads would not be a bad idea either

I would like to get around $200-250 for this depending on what you
want. I would prefer to sell it as a set, but will break it up if no
takers on the whole thing.

I am going to put it up on eBay this weekend if I don't get any action
here, so act fast...

- Ryan
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