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Bicycle Post Trail

Fwd: Bicycle Post Trail Work Day
It's that time again! We are having a trail workday on Sunday, April 7th! We will be without a few of the regulars who always help due to the 4th race of the CCORS in Myrtle Beach and Oh yeah, Race #5 is at the Bicycle Post Trail on Sunday, April 21st so please see if you can find time to help out with this one. We will be meeting at the trail head at 10am. Some tools will be available for people to use but please bring anything you have (Hammers, saws, rakes, shovels, clippers etc. Even if you don't have tools don't let that stop you from coming out! You might also want to bring gloves water and or Gatorade, bug spray and sunscreen. For Breakfast the Bicycle Post will be providing coffee and bagels at the trail head. We look forward to seeing you there!


Thanks Everyone!


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